How The Property Angel Works

Wouldn’t it be great when you’re thinking of moving house, if you’d a friend who was an expert in property, someone you could email or call, who could guide you through the whole process.

Someone who would make sure you’re not getting ripped off and keeping you right with deposits, mortgages, timelines and all the legal stuff too!

Stage right: Enter The Property Angel

Our mix of Local Property Angels and our platform are here to provide you with personalised search, content, guidance and recommendations, and we prompt each stage of your property journey to make sure you don’t miss an all-important step.

From your first thought of moving, to first night in your new home and way beyond.


Home movers using The Property Angel don’t pay us a penny.

We make our money via referral fees from the trusted partners we refer you to. Unlike existing referral programmes, which are paid as soon as a lead is passed, we only get paid once you're settled into your new home so we remain baked into your whole journey.

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What being supported by The Property Angel means.

 Over 300,000 transactions a year fall through before completion

When you’re ‘Supported by The Property Angel’ this lets estate agents, buyers and sellers know you’re not a pushover as:-

(i) You’re armed with the facts about what to do and when to do it;

(ii) You have the Deposit;

(iii) You have a Decision in Principle in place;

(iv) Your own house is up for sale or ready to go up for sale; and

(v) You're ready to offer and exchange when necessary.

This gives everyone in the chain peace of mind that you're not a timewaster, can exchange and are highly unlikely to be one of those 300,000.

When you’re ‘Supported By The Property Angel’  agents and sellers  know that you're serious about buying and not a time waster. 

Being supported by The Property Angel could be the difference between having your offer accepted or not.

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