About The Property Angel

Hi, I’m Kevin, an award winning property expert with 30 years’ experience helping families find their perfect next home.

Originally a property lawyer, I wanted to make moving home a simple and stress-free experience for everyone. So, I founded The Property Angel in 2015 to provide free trusted expertise, guidance, support and recommendations, guiding families throughout their entire home moving journey to their perfect next home and way beyond.

We are your sounding board. You can bounce ideas and questions off us, and we’ll provide trusted guidance, support and recommendations throughout. We can even spur on agents and brokers on your behalf, freeing you to focus on your everyday work and family priorities.

Why risk feeling the same pain and stress as 60% of unsupported home movers endure?

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to… and it’s free!

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Our Mission,Vision, Culture and Core Values.

Our Mission:  To Change The Way The World Moves Home by removing existing uncertain, stressful and unpleasant property industry barriers to help guide and support home movers to their perfect next home in an enjoyable, simple and stress-free, highly personalised experience; helping them realise their dreams, improve their happiness and quality of life, whilst saving them time, money, hassle and regret; and at the same time reducing the impact of home moving on the environment.
Our Vision:     To Be The Most Trusted Property Consumer Platform In The World.
Our Culture:   Driven By Machine Learning, Our World Class Team Continuously Challenges, Innovates, Improves & Communicates, as we relentlessly strive to deliver a world class, simple & stress-free consumer journey to their perfect home.  
Our Core Values:
  1.      Consumer First.
  2.      Listen Effectively & Learn Continuously.
  3.      Innovate & Improve Consistently.                                 
  4.      Communicate Reliably & Respectfully.
  5.      Helpfully Honest.
  6.      Empathetic & Environmentally Conscious.

With Our Core Values We Strive To:-

(i) Deliver World Class Service & A Perfect Next Home Simply & Stress-Free For Our Clients;

(ii) Act With Integrity At All Times; and

(iii) Build Trust For The Property Angel.

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60% of home movers put moving home top of their stress list.

Selling your existing home, finding your next one, dealing with estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, banks and mortgage brokers, there's just no doubt about it, moving home is stressful, time-consuming and can involve a high number of compromises along the way.

The Property Angel is here to change all that. We do all the hard work so you dont have to!

From your very first thought of moving to the first night in your new home and way beyond, we provide the first truly customised, seamless guidance and support service for your whole property journey. At your right time, we recommend you to best fit property suppliers such as estate agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, removal firms, trades and the like.

Our Local Property Angels are here to support you through each step of your journey guiding you to your perfect next home, simply and stress-free.

For us, it’s all about you, your needs and your wants and we put you at the heart of everything we do.

Our initial 30 minute zoom call is where we get to know you and your reasons for needing to move-from understanding your work and career aspirations to family plans, hobbies and even how much you like to cook (kitchen size can be a big deal!).

Remember, we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to… and it’s free! 

Start Getting Support From The Property Angel Today. Our (NPS) Net Promoter Score is 87 which makes us the most trusted property platform in the world.

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Some Simple Reasons to use The Property Angel

Need to sell your existing home but not sure what you’ll get for it in the current market? 
Test it for free on the world’s first ’coming soon’ marketplace.

Is the thought of going through the buying and selling journey causing you sleepless nights?
Are you making do with where you are because your last move had you tearing your hair out? 

Get access to user rated trusted property suppliers ie estate agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, trades and the like.

6 reasons why you should use The Property Angel

Find out just how simple the property process can really be. 

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Home movers using The Property Angel don’t pay us a penny, provided they use our user rated recommended Trusted Property Partners . We make our money via referral fees from these Trusted Partners we refer you to. Unlike existing referral programmes, which are paid as soon as a lead is passed, we only get paid once you’re settled into your new home so we remain baked into your whole journey.

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